Psoriasis Diet

This is perhaps the most important step you will ever take towards clearing the symptoms of Psoriasis and setting it into remission. In cannot be stressed enough how important a good diet is for the human body. The average person’s diet is extremely acidic and toxic, which makes the body work overtime to breakdown all these preservatives and additives that our bodies are simply not programmed to deal with. A poor diet will impact on anybody’s health, but it is particularly true of psoriasis sufferers. So many of the foods that you are eating are aggravating and worsening your Psoriasis. Even foods that seem harmless such as tomatoes or capsicum are extremely high in acid and will worsen your Psoriasis.

Alkaline DietThe best way to kick-start your Psoriasis healing is with a ‘raw diet’. That is a diet consisting of only uncooked fruit and vegetables. No condiments, no added seasoning, just plain old boring fruit and veg. It doesn’t sound too appealing, but your body will thank you for the detoxification and you will notice dramatic improvements in your Psoriasis symptoms. Now obviously it would be extremely difficult to sustain such a strict diet for a long period of time, so it is suggested that after a week or two of detoxifying your body with raw fruit and veg, you should then move onto an alkalizing diet.

The alkalizing diet will allow you a greater variety of food to eat with a particular emphasis on keeping the body alkaline. What this means is that you only eat foods that are low in acid to achieve and maintain the optimum pH level for your body which is around 7.35 – 7.45. Put simply, the closer your body is to optimum pH level, the higher you’re level of health and well being and your ability to resist states of disease and the onset of symptomologies. It has been proven that alkalizing diets are particularly effective in treating Psoriasis, achieving weight-loss as well as promoting overall good health.

Perhaps the hardest part of an alkaline diet is knowing which food you can and can’t eat and developing recipes to make tasty dishes whilst staying alkaline. Here is a Free Alkaline to Acid Food Chart to get you started. Using this chart will help you know which foods to consume more of and which foods to avoid.

To learn more about Alkaline Diet For Psoriasis or to get Alkaline Diet Recipe Ideas visit: Alkaline Cook Book.

In the interest of a holistic approach to Psoriasis healing, it is recommended that this treatment is performed in conjunction with all or some combination of balneopathy (bathing therapy), natural topical treatments, phototherapy, and stress relief techniques.

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